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Reiki works on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, helping to enhance every aspect of your life. Reiki can benefit everyone from adults, elderly, children (including toddlers & babies) and even your pets. You don't have to be unwell to enjoy the benefits of Reiki. 
Reiki is a form of hands on healing. It is a gentle non-invasive technique that promotes healing and relaxation and also assists in stress reduction. The client remains fully clothed while Reiki energy is channelled through the Practitioners hands which are laid gently onto or slightly above the client.
This ‘life force energy’ brings the client feelings of calm, relaxation and peace. The client can often feel a warm or tingly sensation from the Reiki Practitioners hands. Reiki is a very beautiful and nurturing experience.
  • Removal of energy blockages, bringing the body back into balance and harmony
  • Promotes relaxation, reducing stress & tension
  • Assists in pain relief
  • Supports the immune system
  • Accelerates the body's self-healing abilities
  • Assists the body in cleansing toxins from organs such as; kidneys, liver, lungs, heart etc.
  • Improves blood flow and reduces blood pressure
  • Assist with insomnia, promoting a better night's sleep
  • Raises the vibrational frequency of the body
  • Enhances personal awareness
  • Assists in spiritual growth, bringing clarity
  • Promotes creativity
  • Speeds up the recovery from illness or surgery
  • Offers relief from emotional distress or grief
  • Treats symptoms of imbalances such as in stress related disorders, menopause, sinus, headaches, migraines, asthma, chronic fatigue, arthritis, back conditions and depression etc.
Reiki is holistic modality which originated in Tibet and promotes wellbeing for the Mind, Body & Spirit by stimulating a persons own natural healing abilities.

Reiki (Rai-Key) is a two syllable word meaning universal life force. The name comes from the technique as re-discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist in the early 20th century.
Rei meaning 'universal' and Ki or 'life force energy' is the non-physical vitality that gives life to all living things. Ki is the essence of the soul, leaving the body when a person passes over. Ki energy impacts our lives and well-being. It can be activated for the purpose of healing. When you feel healthy and full of enthusiasm, the flow of Ki energy in your body is high, where life feels easy to deal with, having a high resistance to dis-ease.
However, if your Ki energy is low due to stress or emotional upsets, this leaves you feeling tired and more susceptible to illness. You may find yourself having a negative attitude and life's challenges may feel difficult to deal with.
The blocked emotional and physical elements that lead to illness and dis-ease are cleared using Reiki. Reiki is the highest and most profound vibration of life. Divine in origin, it allows us all to become one with all things alive in our world. Reiki is pure unconditional love and joy bringing all who experience and embrace it's principles together in harmony.
Reiki distance healing, or remote healing sessions, benefits the client the same way as having a hands on treatment. Reiki energy can be sent to the client whether they be in the next room or across the other side of the world as Reiki energy has no limitations and goes to whom or where it is intended.
Any animal can benefit from receiving Reiki healing energy. Reiki can help pets who may have emotional problems caused through the trauma of being neglected or abused. It can also help with behavioural issues eg. hyperactivity or animals showing signs of stress or nervousness. Reiki can help your pet to relax, reducing their anxiety, releasing and healing their emotions.
If you find yourself in the situation where your pet has been injured or is unwell, Reiki can assist in their recovery. It is a wonderful complimentary modality working alongside the conventional treatment of your pet.
Reiki can also help bring peace to those much loved pets that are dying, bringing them comfort during this transition.
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